Pentaho Data Integration CE Error Path

Set Windows PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME Variable From the  Start  menu, right-click  Computer , then select  Properties  from context menu. Click  Advanced System Settings . The  System Properties  window appears. In the  System Properties  window, click the  Advanced  tab, then click  Environment Variables . To set the  PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME  variable do this. In the  System Variable  section, click  New . In the window that appears, type  PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME  in the  name  field. In the  value  field, enter the directory where your Oracle JDK or Oracle JRE is stored. For example your Java JRE is in the  Program Files\Java\jre7  directory, type this. C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 Click  OK . Click  Apply Changes . Log out, then log back in. To verify that the variables have been properly set, open a  Command  window and type this. echo %PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME%

How to Install Odoo

1. Download the installer from our nightly server (Community only) or the Windows installer from the download page (any edition). Execute the downloaded file. Link Download Link Download Odoo 2. On Windows 8 and later you may see a warning titled “Windows protected your PC”. Click on More Info and then on Run anyway. Accept the UAC prompt. 3. Go through the various installation steps. Odoo will automatically be started at the end of the installation.

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